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Depth Psychotherapy
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Long term psychotherapy to encourage change and acceptance of deeply held symptom and survival patterns, support personal growth, and examine one's personal life narrative.


Fees:  $160-240.00 per session

Session Length: 60 minutes

Evaluation and Assessment

Fees:  $220.00-450.00 per hour

Referral Letter: $175

Call for an appointment

(928) 380-6081

Short term services to support individual and solution focused issues such as anger management and gender exploration. This counseling typically lasts under 10 sessions. 



Individual Counseling, $125 per session

Session Length: 45 minutes

Group Counseling, $45/90 minutes

Dream Tending: Please call for appointment. Fee: $175 per hour.

You may request a 20 minute initial consult in order to ask questions and discuss goals. It's free and can take place online or in the Flagstaff office.

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