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Depth Methods

Dream Tending    Empathy and Attunement    Active Imagination    Guided Relaxation and Grounding    Psychoeducation 

Dream Tending

Dream Tending is a way of working with dreams using a method developed by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat to support dreamers and dream tenders in accessing and connecting with the deep and expansive intelligence of the World Psyche. In this dream work, richly metaphorical imagery and multidimensional relationships with dream figures develop over time, revealing intricacies of intra- and inter-personal patterns that manifest in our daily lives. Dream Tending reveals the living World and Its dream that each of us is also a part of. 

Working with both sleep and waking dreams in this way may allow for significant processing of both historical and emerging emotional patterns; may support gentle lowering of habituated ego defenses; and may contribute to an increased sense of meaning in relationship with the social and ecological worlds.

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